Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Paper Girl

376 pages
Published March 31st 2010 by XO Editions
Genre: Fiction, Fantasy
Originally written in French, translation in English not yet available

"Soaked to the bone and completely naked, she appeared on my lawn in the middle of a stormy night.
'Where do you come from?'
'I fell.'
'Fell from where?'
'I fell from your book. I fell from your story, geez!'"

Tom Boyd, a popular author undergoing a writer's block watches as the protagonist from his
novels arrives in his life. She is pretty, desperate, and she's going to die if he stops writing. Impossible? And yet..

Together, Tom and Billie will experience an extraordinary adventure where reality and fiction become intertwined in order to deliver a seductive but dangerous game.

Musso has a simple yet fluid writing style and offers us here a quick novel that is good when you're on a vacation or in the need of a break. Even if he doesn't stand out as an exceptional author, I must say I enjoyed this novel (the first I read by him) quite a lot. Actually, when thinking of this novel, one word pops out in my mind: Lovely.

This is a funny and romantic road story about an author who struggles with his loss of inspiration and heartbreak, about friends overcoming hardships together and of course, about all kinds of love. Musso weaved together a curious plot that kept me hooked till the very last page and surprised me with a twist I honestly hadn't expected.

His characters are all unique and interesting; Billie, the head strong but troubled woman, Tom the depressed but inspiring author, Milo the foolish yet caring friend and Carole, the sturdy cop that started with nothing but rose to the top. Each of the main characters play an important part of the story, from when they are trying to pull Tom out of his depression to dealing with their own troubles from the past. They reach the reader's heart with their many strengths and faults, and I was slightly reluctant in letting them go.

I found the whole book very touching. It's a wonderful story about how books can change people's lives, and not only those of Tom, Billie, etc. It's an easy quick read that takes you all around the world; from the USA to Mexico, France and Italy. It hasn't yet been translated in English, and I don't know when it will be, but I recommend this book for those who want a cute love story with a bit of mystery and true feelings.

I don't acknowledge Musso as a brilliant author and consider his writing style as bit too simplistic, but he sure knows how to plot.


Originality: 8
Plot: 8,5
Characters: 9,5
Writing: 7
Cliffhangers: 8

The Paper Girl by Guillaume Musso
Rating: 8,2/10

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