Thursday, January 21, 2010

City of Bones

Witnessing a murder by three teenagers at the Pandemonium Club in New York city, and then seeing the body disappear in thin air, Clary Fray discovers the existent of Shadowhunters, a tribe of warriors fighting to rid the earth of demons. They wield dangerous weapons, are covered in tattoos, and only Clary seems to see them.

Things couldn't get any bizarre when her mother strangely disappears and Clary is attacked by a demon, only to be saved by the enchanting but arrogant Jace. Why are demons suddenly starting to attack Clary? Why have they attacked her mother, and why does Clary have the sight? It's the answers to those questions that Clary seeks, and she can only follow Jace to the Institute, where Hodge, the instructor, takes care of the Shadowhunter's training.

Not only does Clary discover that her world is populated by fantastical creatures that she has never been able to see, but also strange secrets about her mother's past. Then come the rumors about Valentine's comeback, a powerful and evil Shadowhunter thought dead who seeks the Mortal Cup, a cup that can turn humans into Shadowhunters, in order to create his army.

Clary soon realizes how the recent events are all connected, and how it is up to her to retrieve the mortal cup with the help of Jace, her friend Simon, and the other Shadowhunters.

I was thoroughly disappointed with this book's plot. It turned out to be the common, fantasy, let's-save-the-world type of book, and turned out to have a lot of cliche elements.

First of all, I didn't like how it was instant, or more or less instant, love between Clary and Jace who was pretty much like Clary's 'fantasies coming to life.' I couldn't either bring myself to love Clary who turned out to be the simple mundane who surprisingly truly holds amazing powers. and is meant to save the world. She was really flat to me. I didn't fall for Jace either, who is the highly respected and talented and beautiful and amazing and oh so lovable pretty boy. He has his own faults, yes, but not enough to compensate with all his attributes. Other characters like Simon, Magnus Bane and Alec, in my opinion, actually came out good. Of course, that's only my opinion.

I liked the story's setting, with all the different races hiding from humans and the warlocks' taste for partying. The book draws attention to a large variety of creatures, that will surely appeal to many. It made me think of Harry Potter, a bit too much actually, but in a still original and new way. Kudos for the crazy Magnus Bane who deserves two thumbs up.

Valentine came out to be our evil overlord next door, but the one thing I liked about him is that he doesn't do what he does because he feels like it. He has his reasons and his goals that push him to act like he does, and let's say that when he reveals he's Darth Vader reborn, being Jace's Father, I cracked a smirk.

The book is enjoyable to read, with action and heavy twists and drama but a mediocre writing. The storyline isn't amazing, but for people like me who are very allergic to cliche, it was bearable. The romance in this book will set girls fangirling and boys might find an interest in the action and fighting. For readers who desire books with complicated and deeper plots, I say you might be disappointed with this, just like I was.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
Rating: 7,2/10

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