Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Devil's Kiss

Bilqis SanGreal is not a normal fifteen-year-old girl. She's part of the Knights Templar, a warrior, someone who carries a sword as naturally as a pen. She is among those who continue the order's ancient battle against the Unholy, and the thirst of battle runs in her blood, even if she may not know it yet.

School is a load of trouble for Billi. She is short on excuses for her bruises and wounds from her squire training, and her father's cold personality is too much to handle and not helping at all. Her mother, on the other side, is dead, and so it doesn't leave Billi many people to talk to. Oh, wait, there is someone Billi can confide into; Kay, the oracle of the order, freshly arrived from his training in Jesuralem. But Bili doesn't want to speak to her childhood, friend who she thinks has come back changed, and so her life doesn't take any better course. Until she meets Mike.

Amber-eyed Mike is all attention and understanding, and he's Billi's new little light, even if her father doesn't agree. But Billi's pleasure is short-lived, for an old enemy of the order has come back, and as part of it, she must fight along and defend the King Salomon's cursed mirror. Charging will lead Bili to discovering dark secrets better kept hidden, and messing up things even more. But then again, there's no turning back.

This book's most peculiar trait is probably all the history linked to the plot, such as the use of ancient curses, famous figures and religion's myths. I was very pleased to finally find a book that talked about The Knights Templar and about warriors in general, and even more pleased when all the historical facts about this ancient order came up; Salomon's cursed mirror being an example. Devil's Kiss isn't only a fantasy book, it's history played back in modern times!

Fan of knights and headstrong characters, I found Billis's character very interesting. During the story, she reflected on her situation, choosing or not hosing to follow the path laid before her. I liked this sens of determination, but I was a bit disappointed, though, when she ran away from some battles, or couldn't bring herself back together. I would have liked to see her a bit more confident in her warrior skills. She had been training many years for the main purpose of fighting against the Unholy, or against demons as we know them. I had wanted to see a bit more of this knight composure in her, to see the character of a true Knight Templar reflected in her, but then this is only my opinion.

Devil's Kiss has a very Gothic feel to it, and I liked how angels, demons and God himself are involved in the plot, represented under different angles, adapted to our times and inspired from the old legends. The story really does go reach into history, bringing back ancient curses and myths. We see Chadda's wide historical knowledge deployed in all its might.

The storyline was good and well developed. You didn't feel as if some parts trailed or others rushed, and the book ended very well, and it actually made me want more. My wish must have been heard, for Chadda is to publish the sequel to Devil's Kiss in some time soon; Dark Goddess, and I'll be sure to review it when I get my hands on it!

Devil's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda
Rating: 8/10

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