Sunday, July 4, 2010

Books gone Movies: Eclipse

As I ain't a fan of Twilight, and frankly think this is one of the most ridiculous and stupidityfying series ever, I don't kow what I am doing even talking about this ha ha. Yet I did go to see this movie. 'For the lolz', as everyone says.

For the sake of everyone's sanity, I won't be posting any pictures here. Really, no one needs them, and I certainly don't want them on this blog. Anyway, back to the movie.

Nothing special, considering this is Twilight we're talking about. Kristen acted a bit more competently in this adaption, Patterson was as blank as he always has been, Jacob & co were without shirts as usual. Plot wise, there wasn't anything that advanced the story. Evil vampires comes, evil vampires fight, drama in between. At the end of New Moon, Edward asked Bella to marry him. At the end of Eclipse, Bella finally says yes. As you can see, nothing happened in between that thrust the story forward. The plot basically stayed at the same place, with some fighting and drama to mask the thing. But hey, Meyer did an awful job with the books, and even the movies cannot make better out of it.

There were, though, some funny replicas. The audience laughed multiple times, there were some face palms. There were more giggles than in the two previous movies. The only entertaining thing was probably the battles, yet there isn't lots of those. All the drama and talk between Edward/Jacob that fill the rest of the movie was boring, and so for few minutes I disconnected and stared at the ceiling of the theater room.

Meh, really, don't go see it if you hate Twilight to the core. Fangirls will fangirl, and if you want to see it for the laughs, go for it. Stephenie Meyer's books aren't meant for anything better anyway.


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