Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's blah blah :: Issue I

Yeah well, we wanted to have a sort of event going on, so we thought of these kind of debates and discussions we could have. We need to reach out mooore to you fellow readers and bloggers if you even read our tremendously long reviews in the first place.

So Beryl will be starting with the first issue. We'll discuss things.




YOU KNOW, these days we've got all these awesomeee sites such as Goodreads and what not to provide us with books summaries and some other what not, but because the world is filled with people with such bad taste (disclaimer: that's my opinion) bad books are rated as good. Well I want to read more young adults romance books, but as I said, not any kind. I want fantasy and action and bam kaboum shabam added to it. Get it?

I pick some random books on Goodreads, and they are all the same damn thing: HOT NEW BOY IN SCHOOL AND GIRL IS MYSTERIOUSLY ATTRACTED TO HIM GUESS WHAT THEY FALL IN LOVE.

Gosh, aren't there enough books of this type? I'm still surprised when I read comments such as 'omg you'll love this best book evar!!!'. Really? Do people really enjoy it when the matter is love-at-first sight, instead of a progressively developing relationship between a girl and a boy that isn't a vampire or anything possibly worse than that? Is love at first sight even possible? I mean, you can find someone attractive by the first glance, suppose him nice after the first conversation, but understand and known him deep from the inside at first-sight? No, intuition/feelings/instincts don't count. But you get my point.

I'm not going to start one how cliche and lame such plots are, so I'm reaching to you readers to help me find some books where the romance is actually good! Strong characters! Developed romance through out the book! Drama! Don't tell me the Hunger Games, 'cause I'm already aware of that one.

But really, I want to get some good suggestions so I can actually put my money to good use.

And while you're at it, tell me what you think makes a relationship between two characters strong and realistic, and what you love best in those relationships. :)



  1. AAAH! I hate plots like that. They're so repetitive and meaningless. I like a relationship that's quiet, no I'm-gonna-die-if-he's-not-with-me, and evolves over time. None of that immediate love stuff.

  2. Actually, one of my all time favourite love stories is a series, (in four parts), by Dave Duncan called "A Man of His Word." You can already tell right there it isn't one of those "love at first sight" fiascos.

    It isn't particularly good writing, but the plot and the characters make up for that. I re-read it every couple of years just to get a good fix.

    Thanks for the honest book reviews, by the way. It is refreshing to find honest opinions well explained.


  3. Hmm..i sort of agree on the love at first site..because they are so cliche!But when you think about it almost ALL YA books have boy-girl love stories..they've been the popular theme since forever. What makes them appealing is the plot and the way they are introduced to the i think whether its a love-at-first sight or a developing relationship if the introduction and plot is badly done then the story is ruined!Since we are on the topic i absolutely dislike love stories where the heroine is so in love with the boy that she goes to extremities i.e Bella (from Twilight-no offence meant)..
    As for suggestions on love stories- You could try Minx by Julia Quinn..its my favorite book..the book has just the right amount of tension and love..its made me cry and impatiently race through the book to get to the end.


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